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Chemical free well rehabilitation and development

Capture your market with mechanical well development & rehabilitation

If you decide for HPI-Process®, you will decide for an over many decades well proven technology “Made in Germany”! Here are some of the advantages by using the HPI-Process®:

  • suitable for all types of filter screens
  • also suitable for old wells
  • Chemical free method for water well rehabilitation & development
  • environmentally clean & sustainable technology
  • economically, highly effective method with short well shut down time
  • just one or two days for rehabilitation or development needed (in most cases) saves costs and time
  • treating the well in one task
  • scientifically proven method
  • loosening the deposit in the water well, filter screen, gravel pack, borehole wall and even beyond up to two meters into the aquifer (as scientifically proven in DVGW research W55/99). Simultaneous pumping of the deposits out from the well and perform measurements for examining the progress at the same time
  • several models of collaboration adjusted to your requirements
  • comprehensive support during the whole introduction process with personal contact person and on-site training