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The twelve chapters for the construction and operation of a well Book Cover

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The construction and operation of wells for water supply today places very high demands on authorities, planners, operators, drilling contractors and well service companies. Whether for private, municipal, industrial or agricultural water supply, wells, depending on their geology, often pose great challenges to those involved. Even though the state of the art is well documented and up-to-date in the DVGW regulations, there are often deviations in practice that should be responded to as quickly as possible in advance or when problems are identified.

The content of this practice-oriented book is based on the knowledge of Dipl. Ing. Hermann Etschel, who has worked in the profession for over 56 years and is familiar with it through a wide range of practical experience.

In writing the texts and designing the illustrations, the author has taken care to be comprehensible even to readers outside the field and to underlay the whole thing with his humour, which is well known in the industry.

Dipl. Ing. Hermann Etschel was active in the well construction industry for decades as well as in various industry-relevant committees at home and abroad. His wealth of experience led to many technological improvements with regard to the applied equipment technology as well as drilling, well development and rehabilitation procedures. This book provides an insight into the state of the art and serves as a practical aid for the construction and operation of wells.