Field of activity

The Etschel Brunnenservice GmbH is certified by the DVGW (German Authority for the gas and water industry in Germany) and is offering the following services:

  • Water Well Rehabilitation (DVGW W130)

  • Water Well Development (DVGW W119)

  • TV Inspections of Springs and Water Wells

  • Sanitation and Abandonment of Wells (DVGW W135)

  • Pumping tests (DVGW W111)

  • Product & Licensing Sales, Cooperation

ETBS Identity

Our Identity

We are a young company with an old tradition. We are specialized on water well development and water well rehabilitation and are always striving for improvement and satisfied clients.

Our aim is to offer the best and most innovative process in our field and never stop to develop and question our methods. We want all our customers to be glad with their decision choosing Etschel Brunnenservice GmbH as their well partner.

In order to comply with that obligation, we are always looking for potentials of improvement. Our employees are absolute experts and the most important “asset” in our company.

Environmental awareness, sustainability and a fair treatment among each other are values we stand for.

What science & partners say

Our Vision

Water is the source and the basis of all life. More than 8 billion people are living on our planet and are in need of this valuable resource – every day. The access to high quality water is an absolute precondition for everyone to have the possibility of living a healthy life.

Until the water arrives in our kitchens and bathrooms it has to take a long journey starting in millions of water wells all around the world. Unfortunately, physical, chemical and biological processes inside the wells mean that the water can´t be pumped out in the volumes and quality as initially foreseen. To create best conditions for the dispatch of the water, we rehabilitate or develop those wells in order to restore their condition again.

With over 13.000 wells rehabilitated and hundreds of wells developed we cared that hundred thousand of people could be supplied with high quality water. With our know-how and continuous improvements we understand ourselves as the technological pacemaker for our industry. Our industrial and municipal references speak for themselves.

We believe using the HPI-Process® is the most effective way of water well rehabilitation & development. Therefore, we want to share our know-how with other countries enabling you to have access to a well proven technology in a very demanding market. Those thoughts bring us to our vision:

“With our technologies we want to contribute that countries all over the world have the possibility to benefit from water in its best quality possible.”

ETBS Vision
ETBS Mission

Our Mission

We work hard every day to find the best solutions for our customers. With our know-how, our sustainable and environmentally friendly methods, our highly qualified employees and our vision in mind, we strive to achieve our goals.

We do our best to put every well we work on in the best condition. By focusing on our core competencies, at the end of the day we want to have satisfied employees, happy customers and satisfied end consumers – every day.