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A technology which creates high pressure impulses by means of high water pressure.

The technology to create high pressure impulses by means of high water pressure for loosening of deposits in the water well, which clog the filter screens, the gravel pack and the borehole wall is described in the German Water Certification Authority Handbook Section W 130 as a high pressure impulse process (HPI-Process®).

By using the HPI-Process® in combination with a simultaneously working submersible pump, Etschel Brunnenservice GmbH is able to

  • treat the whole well in one task

  • loose the deposits on the filter screen, within the gravel pack, at the borehole wall and even beyond into the aquifer

  • pump out the deposits from the well

  • perform measurements to control the entire process

at the same time in an absolutely efficient way. A further benefit of the HPI-Process® is, that it works chemical free. In 95% of all cases, there is no chemical treatment needed after applying the HPI-Process®.

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JET Master®

Everything inside!

The entire equipment for a well development or well rehabilitation is installed on a three axle four wheel truck designed by us. This truck is called JET Master®.

The high water pressure for conducting the HPI-Process® is generated by a plunger pump, installed on the JET Master®. The design layout depends on the maximum well depth.

The truck is completely equipped to be able to treat wells up to 300 meters (900ft.). This includes truck motor driven pump, compressor, riser pipes, measurement equipment, submersible pumps, hose winch and crane.

In most cases the Etschel JET Master® does not need more than one or two days to develop or rehabilitate a well successfully.

The JET Master® is also available as skid / trailer or container mounted version driven by a seperate Diesel motor.


Because the angle is important!

MAXINOZ® is the powerful core of our technology. During the HPI-Process®, this specially designed bi-rotational unit is moving up and down in the well. The bi rotational nozzles work in two planes and rotate at very high speed of about 7.000 rpm.

The JET Master® pump generates an enormous high pressure up to 550 bar (8.000 psi), which leads to an extreme water exit speed of 180 m/s.

With the possibility to adjust pressure, travelling speed of hose winch, nozzle size and distance to well screen in dependence of the filter screen material, MAXINOZ® works highly effective on every kind of screen material.

With the Knowhow of the correct application, all historical filter screens, such as Wood filter screens, Stone filter screens, PVC Filter screens, glued gravel filter screens, bridge slotted filter screens (coated or uncoated), shutter screens and Johnson type filter screens can be rehabilitated and developed by MAXINOZ® with a maximum penetration depth.

MAXINOZ® is a patented invention of the Etschel Brunnenservice GmbH and the only aggregate which has the possibility to adjust the angle of the nozzles to the geometry of the treated filter screen material.

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