Our family history goes back over 100 years

n 1919, Christian Etschel and Karl Meyer founded “Etschel und Meyer Tiefbohrunternehmen”, later called E+M – a company which was specializing in deep drilling.

A few years later, Heinrich Etschel joined the company. In 1947, the management decided to grow and started to produce submersible pumps, besides drilling water wells.

This pump company was named EMU, which is the abbreviation for “Etschel Meyer Unterwasserpumpen” (Etschel Meyer Submersible Pumps).

In 1959, the son of Heinrich, Hermann Etschel, joined the company after his studies.

ETBS history
ETBS history

From deep drilling to well rehabilitation & development

Hermann is doing a great job at the company and has a good sense for innovations and progress. In 1992 he decided to find a chemical free method to treat water wells.

In 1993, he integrated the HPI-Process® as an innovative and mechanical well rehabilitation method. This resulted in the construction of its first JET Master® unit.

100 years of Etschel – In the service of water management

100 years of the Etschel family

The birth of “Etschel Brunnenservice”

In 2007, Gerhard and Rainer Etschel decided to stop drilling and founded the “Etschel Brunnenservice GmbH” to concentrate on water well rehabilitation & development as their core competence.

A new TV Master® with laser technology has been integrated and the JET Master® and HPI-Process® are constantly being optimized.

Our Story

New Avenues

In 2017, Etschel Brunnenservice is developing and patenting a new high-performance system for well rehabilitation & development named MAXINOZ®.

First international inquiries from interested companies have been executed and the technologies are now used in the United States, Asia and some European countries. In 2019, the Etschel family celebrated its 100th anniversary in the water business.

Today, we are working with six JET Masters´® in Germany and neighboring countries and Leonard, the son of Gerhard, has been joining the business.