A successful partnership requires shared interests and values.

Best quality wins out! With collaborations all over the world we already could integrate our HPI-Process® and corresponding know-how on three continents. We are openminded for new collaborations with selected, international companies.

To offer you the best service and response directly to your needs, we have numbers of opportunities how a partnership could look like. As an innovative company we are very flexible and want to find the perfect solution for you.

In case of a collaboration, we give our partners comprehensive support from the initial project idea right through the introduction of the finished product. It is obvious, that we send one of our English-speaking experts to your company to integrate the technology by involving and mentoring your employees in the whole process.

Offene Hand

For whom could a collaboration be interesting?

Which method is suitable for which partner can only be determined through a personal dialogue. Basically a collaboration could be interesting for companies of the following fields:

  • Well drilling and pump companies

  • Companies that treat, develop and rehabilitate wells

  • Water suppliers and water providers

  • Industrial companies which operate wells (f.e. mining, aggricultural, textile, tobacco, food industry)

With the contents below we want to give you further information about our activities and your opportunities of a collaboration. If you are interested in what we do or have further questions, just contact Leonard.