Well rehabilitation

When applying the HPI-Process® powered by the JET Master® compared to old methods like brushing, swabbing and the use of chemicals, your time saving is significant.

For example: the maximum rehab time we experienced when using the JET Master® technology was 12 hours to fully rehabilitate a 750 m (2.300ft.) well. For standard wells up to 300 m (900ft.) the average rehab time when applying the HPI-Process® is not more than 5,5 hours.

That means, that the down time of the well can be significantly reduced to the benefit of the customer. Or in other words: you can execute much more jobs compared to applying old rehabilitation methods.

Well development time

Especially interesting for well drilling companies is the time saving when using the HPI-Process® powered by the JET Master® for well development.

For example: well development with old methods of a 200m (600ft.) deep well with 10″ screens you need approximately 5 hours swabbing, 20 hours clear pumping by air lifting and around 120 hours surge plugging.

When using the JET Master® technology, you need around 4,5 hours applying the HPI-Process® and another 5 hours for clear pumping the well. After only 10 hours in average the well is fully developped.

That means, you can move your expensive rig much earlier to the next site and make money.

Average time saving by using the HPI-Process powered by the JET Master

The following graphic gives you an overview of how long our HPI-Process® powered by the JET Master® needs to fully develop / rehabilitate wells of different dephts. The given times are based on our experiences of having treated over 11.000 wells since 1993. In some cases treatment times can exceed the times indicated in the matrix below.

The matrix relates to wells with diameters between 6″ and 40″ (DN150 – DN1000).

Deeper wells? Consult with us!