The following articles have been published in German language in various professional trade magazines. In order to provide you with the contents, we have translated them into English. You can find the original sources on our german website.

New developed bi-rotational-unit significantly increases results of water well rehabilitations using the HPI-Process® with high water pressure

Energie Wasser Praxis 02 / 2021

Performance increase of 560% on wells with OBO resin pressed wood:

Performance Increase with OBO

Comparative consideration of different nozzle rotation units for the rehabilitation of wells using the HPI-Process with high water pressure:

Der Wassermeister 02 / 2018 - gwf Wasser / Abwasser 10 / 2018

Well development - Practical test of new MAXINOZ invention:

BBR 09 / 2017

MAXINOZ shows amazing rehabilitation results on wells with different screen materials:

Energie Wasser Praxis 05 / 2017

Well performance increases above-average after using the HPI-Process with the JET Master system:

gwf-Wasser | Abwasser 04 | 2017

Mechanical rehabilitation of a horizontal filter well using the High Pressure Impulse-Process® brings about a sustainable improvement:


Energie Wasser Praxis 9 / 2013

High Pressure Impulse-Process® with high water pressure as a method for efficient well development

Energie Wasser Praxis, 7+8 / 2009